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At Algorythmics we believe that technology has the power to revolutionise the way businesses operate. Our goal is to unlock your business’s full potential and guide you towards smarter, more efficient operations. We offer a range of cutting-edge services that help you stay ahead of the competition, from eKYC to currency exchange updates, and from bank transaction monitoring to compliance with FATCA and CRS regulations. Let us help you pave the way for continued success.


Our eKYC service allows businesses to verify the identity of their customers remotely, using a range of secure and efficient verification methods such as biometrics, documents, and geolocation.

Say goodbye to manual verification processes and reduce your operational costs with our advanced eKYC technology.

Our eKYC solution provides a seamless customer experience and helps you comply with the latest regulations and standards in the industry.


Enhance compliance and combat financial crime with Algorythmics’ AML transaction monitoring.

Our advanced solutions empower risk management with automated alert reviews, optimised monitoring systems, and valuable insights.

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements, detect suspicious activities and make informed decisions. Protect your business and maintain trust with Algorythmics’ cutting-edge AML technology.

Back Office Automation

Streamline operations and boost productivity with Algorythmics’ Back Office Automation.

Our tailored solutions optimise and simplify complex processes, saving time and resources. Leverage our advanced technology to automate repetitive tasks, improve accuracy, and enhance overall efficiency.

Unlock the potential of your back-office operations with Algorythmics and experience seamless workflows, increased productivity, and enhanced business performance.


Our platform helps businesses comply with FATCA regulations, which require them to report financial assets held by US taxpayers to the IRS.

Simplify your FATCA reporting processes and avoid costly penalties with our streamlined solution.

Our platform is fully compliant with the latest FATCA requirements and provides you with powerful tools to manage your reporting obligations.


Our platform helps businesses comply with CRS regulations, which require financial institutions to report certain information about their clients’ financial accounts to the relevant tax authorities.

Ensure compliance with CRS requirements and reduce the risk of non-compliance with our innovative platform.

Our solution is customisable to your specific needs and provides you with advanced reporting and data management capabilities.

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