Cybernaptics’ Expansion and Innovation

Since its founding in 2009, Cybernaptics has established itself as a key player in the information technology solutions sector, providing high-quality services to businesses across various industries. With a team of 65 employees and continuous expansion, including opening offices in Nairobi, Kenya in 2021, and in Madagascar in 2023, Cybernaptics has demonstrated its ability to adapt and innovate. In 2023, the company launched Algorythmics, its first regtech platform in Mauritius, highlighting its commitment to technological innovation.

Technology at the Service of Governance

The rapid evolution of technology, especially in the areas of artificial intelligence and blockchain, is transforming the business and governance landscape. These technologies provide boards of directors and management teams with opportunities for greater efficiency, increased transparency, and decision-making based on reliable data. Algorythmics, designed to meet the specific needs of industries, including specialized ones, offers tailored strategies to enhance productivity, efficiency, and regulatory compliance. This platform stands out for its ability to seamlessly adapt to business requirements, streamlining operations and maximizing commercial efficiency.

Algorythmics and the MRA Requirements

The solutions offered by Algorythmics include E-KYC, AML, FATCA & CRS, and recently, an E-invoicing service was added to meet a new requirement from the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA). MRA regulations require businesses to fiscalize their invoices or receipts in real-time to improve tax compliance and transparency in business transactions. Algorythmics, through Cybernaptics Ltd, is an MRA-authorized e-invoicing solution designed to help businesses comply with these regulations and optimize their invoicing processes.

Features of E-Invoicing Services

The e-invoicing services provided by Algorythmics boast several key features, such as real-time fiscalization of invoices, compliance with MRA functional specifications, secure and efficient data transmission, and seamless integration with existing accounting systems. Additionally, the solution is compatible with various ERP systems, offering seamless integration and operation across different platforms.

Customization and Support by Cybernaptics

Cybernaptics stands out for its ability to customize its solutions according to the specific business needs of its clients, with a dedicated team of experts for customization. The ongoing support and assistance provided by Cybernaptics ensure smooth implementation and operation of their services. Cybernaptics is proud to provide solutions that not only meet regulatory requirements but also enhance the efficiency and growth of businesses. Their Algorythmics e-invoicing service is a perfect example, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and supporting businesses in their journey towards compliance and success.

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